OneADP Service is an internet-based request and trouble ticketing system that allows you to request service or information related to your ADP payroll, benefits, HR, and/or Time and Labor Management (TLM) solutions. OneADP Service is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OneADP Service is a secure way to immediately notify ADP of your request, obtain updated information from ADP, and send updated information to ADP.

OneADP Service is integrated with ADP's Client Relationship Management (CRM) service request tracking system. Service requests (SRs) created in OneADP Service are visible to ADP representatives. Service requests created in ADP's CRM system based on your company's phone calls or emails are visible to you in OneADP Service. Service requests are updated in real time, so current information about your request is always available to you.

In OneADP Service you can monitor and track service requests created by you and your work group as well as service requests created by an ADP associate in ADP's CRM system. You can update information and attach supporting documents or files for a service request. Your ADP representative will notify you of progress.

You can query in OneADP Service to locate a service request. Query results can be exported to a file. When a service request is resolved, you will receive an email notification from ADP.

If you have a “Production Critical” request, please contact your ADP service representative directly for an immediate response. OneADP Service does not allow you to create an urgent service request.

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