Most users have ADP Security Management single-sign on credentials to access OneADP Service through another ADP solution and do not have a separate password for OneADP Service.

If you launch OneADP Service from within another ADP solution, to reset your password or change your security challenge phrase and challenge answer contact the ADP Security Management Service administrator for your company.

Users who access OneADP Service from another ADP solution using ADP Security Management Service access do not use the password area of the My Profile page.

If your company is not using ADP Security Management Services, please contact your service representative to request setup for your company.

If you have a separate password for OneADP Service, use the My Profile page to change your OneADP Service password. New passwords must meet the following requirements:

      Must be at least 8 characters (alpha and numeric characters)

      Must have at least one upper-case letter

      Must have at least one special character: -!@#$

      Can have no more than four repeating characters

      Cannot be the same as your OneADP Service user name (log in)

      Must be different from your four most recent OneADP Service passwords

In addition to a password, you must select a challenge phrase and enter your answer for the challenge phrase. The challenge phrase and answer are used if you forget your password.

My Profile

1    Select the My Profile menu item.

2    In the My Profile view, complete the following fields:

·     Old Password

·     New Password

·     Confirm New Password

·     Challenge Phrase - Select a phrase that will prompt you for an answer if you forget your password. Choose something you will be able to remember.

·     Challenge Answer - Enter your answer to the challenge phrase.

3    Click Save.

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